Year: 2012

Approved “reboost” with Vacc-4x

05.12.2012 – Final Approvals Received for International Study to Reboost Patients From the Completed Vacc-4x Phase II Trial Approximately 40 Patients Will Participate at 11 Clinics in USA and Europe News Summary * Study design: Open, clinical phase II study, with two Vacc-4x immunizations while patients remain on conventional HIV medication (Antiretroviral Therapy, ART), followed …

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Presentation of the scientific background and update of the business development in Bionor Pharma, Nov. 2012

The rationale behind Bionor Pharma`s HIV vaccine research is presented by Dr. Jerry Zeldis from Celgene, and Prof. Gus Dalgleish, St. George`s University of London. Update on the Company – Steen Krøyer, CEO of Bionor Pharma Background for Bionor Pharma`s research cooperation with Celgene – Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Zeldis, CEO of Celgene Global Health and Chief Medical …

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Bionor Pharma presents data from HIV vaccine research at scientific meeting in Baltimore

Baltimore 14.10.2012 – Research on Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5 is today presented at the Annual Meeting of Institute of Human Virology Baltimore 14 October: Bionor Pharma (OSE: BIONOR) presents today research of the Company’s two HIV vaccines Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5, and the combination of these two vaccines at the Annual International Meeting of Institute of Human …

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