Presentation of the scientific background and update of the business development in Bionor Pharma, Nov. 2012

The rationale behind Bionor Pharma`s HIV vaccine research is presented by Dr. Jerry Zeldis from Celgene, and Prof. Gus Dalgleish, St. George`s University of London.

Update on the Company
– Steen Krøyer, CEO of Bionor Pharma

Background for Bionor Pharma`s research cooperation with Celgene
– Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Zeldis, CEO of Celgene Global Health and Chief Medical Officer of Celgene Corporation, New Jersey
Celgene has entered into research cooperation with Bionor Pharma, and the study combining Celgene`s blockbuster drug Revlimid with Bionor Pharma`s HIV-vaccine Vacc-4x has recently started.
Jerry is a member of Bionor Pharma`s Board of Directors.

Background for Bionor Pharma`s development of the HIV vaccine Vacc-C5
– Prof. Angus “Gus” Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St. George’s University of London
His research is pointing out the role of the C5 region of the HIV virus as a potential therapeutic target, which is forming the background for Bionor Pharma`s HIV vaccine Vacc-C5.
Gus is a member of Bionor Pharma`s Clinical Advisory Board.

Brief update of the Business Development Process
– Gregg Lapointe, US Business Development Excecutive

Bionor Pharma Presentation with Angus Dalgleish and Jerome Zeldis November 2012