Bionor Pharma presents data from HIV vaccine research at scientific meeting in Baltimore

Baltimore 14.10.2012 – Research on Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5 is today presented at the Annual Meeting of Institute of Human Virology

Baltimore 14 October: Bionor Pharma (OSE: BIONOR) presents today research of the Company’s two HIV vaccines Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5, and the combination of these two vaccines at the Annual International Meeting of Institute of Human Virology. The abstract will be presented by Chief Scientific Officer Maja Sommerfelt, PhD. More information about this scientific meeting“Therapeutics for chronic and deadly viral and immune disorders” is available at Bionor`s NEW webpage:”

The abstract from Bionor Pharma

About the Institute of Human Virology The Institute of Human
Virology (IHV) is the first center in the United States – perhaps the world – to combine the disciplines of basic science, epidemiology and clinical research in a concerted effort to speed the discovery of diagnostics and therapeutics for a wide variety of chronic and deadly viral and immune disorders – most notably HIV, the cause of AIDS.

Link to the webpage for the Meeting in Baltimore