Vacc-4x phase IIB

Oslo 15.02.2012 – With final review of phase IIb viral load data completed, researchers confirm statistically significant reduction of HIV viral load on Vacc-4x compared to placebo. Bionor Pharma announced today that researchers have completed a final review of the Company`s lead therapeutic HIV vaccine, Vacc-4x, and its ability to reduce the amount of HIV …

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Vacc-4x presented at AIDS Vaccine 2011 in Bangkok

(BANGKOK, Sep 12, 2011) Bionor Pharma presented Vacc-4x on “Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise” press conference at AIDS Vaccine 2011 in Bangkok. Results from Phase IIB Placebo Controlled Study of Bionor’s Vacc-4x show excellent safety profile and statistically significant viral load reduction in patients with HIV who suspend antiretroviral therapy. The vaccine, developed by Bionor Pharma, …

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