Vacc-4x phase IIB study accepted as a poster at the IAS conference

Oslo, 21.06.2011 – An abstract of Bionor Pharma’s Vacc-4x phase IIB study has been accepted as poster at the IAS conference in Rome 17-20 July 2011.

Bionor Pharma has been informed that an abstract of the Vacc-4x phase IIB study has been accepted to be presented as a poster at the 6(th) IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, 17-20 July 2011 in Rome. The clinical and some immunological data from the study will be presented under the title: “A Phase II, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Immunogenicity Study of Vacc-4x Versus Placebo in Patients Infected with HIV-1 Who Have Maintained an Adequate Response to ART.”

Bionor Pharma reported October 1(st) and November 18(th) 2010 clinical results from its international multi-center randomized placebo-controlled 135-patient phase IIB study of the company’s most advanced HIV-vaccine candidate, Vacc-4x. While none of the study’s primary endpoints reached statistical significance, the study identified a significant reduction of viral load compared to placebo.

The full immunological analysis is delayed and will not be reported in second quarter. These data aims to provide additional insight into the clinical findings reported earlier and to help position the vaccine for further clinical trials.

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