Vacc-C5 phase I/II clinical study published in BMC infectious diseases

The Vacc-C5 clinical trial is included as part of the doctor thesis of Kristin Brekke at Oslo University Hospital Background Levels of non-neutralising antibodies (AB) to the C5 domain of HIV Env gp120 are inversely related to progression of HIV infection. In this phase I/II clinical study we investigated safety of Vacc-C5, a peptide-based therapeutic …

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Bionor’s CSO Maja Sommerfelt was honorable speaker at Vaccines 2017

CSO Maja Sommerfelt was invited as an honorable speaker at Vaccines 2017 in Baltimore, USA, where she presented data from the REDUC clinical trial and chaired the session “HIV/AIDS Vaccines & Clinical Trials, Human Vaccines – Infectious & Non Infectious Diseases & Immunology/Animal models”