Bionor has acquired its 3rd HIV vaccine candidate, CRX.

Oslo, January 10, 2019 The acquisition is in the form of an exchange of patents and rights between Bionor and Immunor AS. During Bionor’s equity raise in December 2017, Bionor pledged to dispose of all its non-HIV activities. These activities have now been transferred to Immunor through a mutual assignment agreement where Immunor acquires all …

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Change of name to Bionor Holding AS

Oslo, January 29.1.2018 In an Extraordinary General Meeting today, the shareholders unanimously adopted to change the name of the company from Bionor Pharma AS to Bionor Holding AS.  The change of name to Bionor Holding AS aligns the name with the operational activities of the Bionor group.

Birger Sørensen and his team closed the purchase and funding of Bionor today

Oslo, December 8, 2017 Bionor was purchased by the founder of Bionor AS, Birger Sørensen and his team, on September 28, 2017 with financial closing as of today. With the assistance of Norse Securities, the new owners/management have successfully raised funds for the purchase and future operations. Birger Sørensen and his team will immediately start …

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